3D Huddles

Our 3D Huddles (Bible study) are driven by three key ideas. 

          1. Gospel growth happens when the Word of God is spoken one to another prayerfully in dependence upon the Holy Spirit So, we aim for everyone to be able to read and study the Bible directly by asking good questions and applying it to their lives.

          2. EVERY believer is called to be engaged in the work of making disciples. So, we encourage everyone to ask, "who can I help follow Jesus?" Then to take courageous, compassionate initiative toward others. Every believer is to be involved in discipleship in a three dimensional sort of way—someone is helping them follow Jesus and they are helping someone else who is younger in their faith.

          3. We are called to prioritize helping others follow Jesus above our own comfort. Since the word "group" can sometimes become associated with a gathering where we are served and feel comfortable, we prefer the word "huddle." It communicates that we are gathering for a purpose (the glory of God through the expansion of His kingdom on earth) that is larger than us, and that we must work together to achieve it. 

If you would like help connecting to a huddle, email Pastor Russell at Russell@realhopecc.com.