Call to follow Christ- Small groups

Our "CALL TO FOLLOW" small groups are our introductory small groups that each person new to Real Hope must complete before jumping into our regular small groups that we call "D-GROUPS". These "Call to Follow" small groups are designed to lay the foundations of what our church believes and also allow you to form new relationships. 

Discipleship Groups

Our D-Groups or Discipleship Groups are our regular small groups for those who have completed a Call to Follow small group described above. Our D-Groups are designed to help our church family with the four C's that we desire each person to be:

CONNECTED- D-Groups are great ways to connect with other believers. 

CONVERTED- Our desire is for all group participants to be fully committed followers of Christ.

COVENANTALY COMMITTED- Those who are joined to Christ should desire to be committed to His Body, the local church , through membership. 

COMMISSIONED- True followers of Christ no longer live for themselves, but are committed to the great commission  that Jesus leaves us with in Matthew 28.